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Vikram Mansharamani - The Making of a Generalist


Step into the fascinating world of Vikram Mansharamani, where the power of independent thinking takes center stage.

Vikram’s remarkable journey has taken him from humble beginnings to being one of the most sought-after independent thinkers of our time in business, politics, and strategic decision-making. Filled with insights that show readers how to think and act for themselves, The Making of a Generalist reveals how Vikram learned to navigate uncertainty from a young age.

As the son of two working-class immigrants who moved to rural New Jersey, he balanced demanding academics while pumping gas at his dad’s garage. His parents modeled a powerful migrant mindset that shaped his worldview and taught him the importance of open-mindedness and the value of education. In school, his unbridled curiosity opened doors to an Ivy League education, a PhD from MIT, and faculty appointments at Yale and Harvard.



An indispensable guide for those looking to restore self-reliant thinking in a data-driven and technology-dependent yet overwhelmingly uncertain world.

THINK FOR YOURSELF is Vikram Mansharamani’s latest book. In it, Vikram recommends a balanced approach to dealing with experts and technologies that neither dismisses nor blindly defers to them. The key, he suggests, is for us to retain control but tap into expertise as needed.

Filled with strategies to make better decisions in the corporate and personal domains, THINK FOR YOURSELF provides concrete steps one can take to reclaim control from the people and systems that are hijacking your thinking.  Whether facing a uncertain medical diagnosis or a cloudy economic outlook, this book will help you think more clearly about your decision.

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